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San Miguel Arsenal is an FFL dealer.  We accept transfers from out of state and retail sales. There is an FFL fee of $25.00. If you are looking for a specific firearm, feel free to check our inventory online. If we can get it for you at a better price we will.

There are NO transfer charges if you purchase from us.

Out of State Firearm Transfer $25

If you buy a gun online or buy from a dealer out of state of TX, the dealer can ship the firearm to us and you can complete the transaction in our store.

Please Note:

For all FFL transfers, kindly provide the tracking information provided by your seller.

Private Party Firearm Transfer $25

Seller and buyer can meet at our store with the firearm they want to transfer and complete the transaction in store. All State and Federal law apply.


Outbound Fee- $25.00

Flat Rate Shipping for Long Guns-  $30.00

Flat Rate Shipping for Handguns-  $35.00


-Firearms NOT picked-up within 30 DAYS of arrival ARE SUBJECT to a $5/day storage fee for every day after the grace period unless prior arrangements have been made.

-Ownership of the item transfers to San Miguel Arsenal at 60 fee days (90 days total) OR where the fees incurred equal the value of the item.

-Any unpaid, unclaimed, or abandoned transfers become the property of San Miguel Arsenal and they can dispose of the item to pay for the fees.

-Transfers are considered unclaimed or abandoned after 90 days of receipt unless prior arrangements have been made.


ATF Form 4473 is required to be filled out by the person receiving the firearm and satisfy the federal background check requirements. Regardless of the outcome of the background check (Proceed, Delay or Denied), we will still charge service fee of $20 to offset the time, effort and paperwork burden.


If you fail to satisfy the federal background check requirements and received a DENIED outcome, we cannot, by law, release the firearm to you. We will provide you your NICS number and information on how to appeal. A storage fee of $5/day becomes effective after 5 business days of the status date. Items are considered unclaimed or abandoned 90 days after receipt unless prior arrangements have been made.

Options if you are denied:

-You have the right to appeal (all legal and other fees will be the responsibility of denied person)

-Contact the seller and make arrangement to return the item. If the seller will take back the item, $20 outbound fee will be assessed plus shipping fee of $30 for long guns and $35 for handguns.

-Consign the firearm.